Bow class for my son's

Today was perfect weather for me to take my two sons out for a day of learning to shoot a bow. I got a little practice in myself. I showed them proper shooting form, shooting patiently, and how to blend in to surroundings by dipping into washes on a ridge and lying on the ground. You must know that tree stands and shooting houses didn't exist hundreds of years ago. They climbed up in trees or ground ambush hunted their prey.

This was just a practice day on private land so we were dressed a little slack for this time of year. However we learned and practiced silent signaling with hand signals and whistles we studied shot placement on very small targets like twigs and sweet gum balls and leaves. Aim small miss small! All together today was a learning day for them and me.

If you have children they love to learn and practice things like this. Take them out and teach them and they will want to do these types of things rather than playing video games.